Omgeving E

La Livinière
Romeins aquaduct
Canal du Midi
Grotten van Cabrespine
Kastelen Carcassonne
Rotswanden Cesse
Terrasjes Olonzac
 9 sluizen Beziers
Zevenhoekig kerkje Rieux
Lac de Jouares
 Saint Germain

Our village and its environment

La Livinière is a very old little village with about 600 habitants, in the famous and beautiful wine-area Languedoc and the Minervois.

There is a grocery-shop, a baker-shop, a restaurant, a bar, a doctor and a pharmacy in the village. Of cause there are also quit a few wine-chateau’s where you can taste and buy very good wines that in some cases have won international prices. We live, work and rent over 15 years in La Liviniere.

The bigger cities Carcassonne, Narbonne, Beziers and a bit further Montpelliers are worth a visit.

In the villages in the direct surrounding you can find restaurants and nice café’s.


La Livinière lies against the Montagne Noir, which is an area with beautiful rivers in steep gorges were you could make lovely walks and have a swim in the clear water.

Between two of those rivers, the Brian and the Cesse, the is Minerve, a very old village, built upon the rocks.

On the other side of La Livinière, the planes stretch out just as far as the Pyrenees, which are visible on clear days.

You can visit the Canal du Midi, one of the worlds protected sites, and walk or cycle along or even hire a boat.